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Ninja Weapon Kit

Ninja Weapon Kit


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A powerful force for good is lurking in the shadows!

A Ninja costume, no matter how fabulous it may be, is not complete until it includes the accessories in the ultimate Ninja Weapon Kit. This kit includes everything you need to look and feel like a real ninja, with nunchucks, throwing stars, sai knives and even a super cool sword. Hide the weapons discreetly in your costume and pull them out when you're called upon to save the world from hordes of goblins, vampires and ghosts. All of the parts are made with safe PVC plastic, so don't worry about hurting anyone, but you sure can make the hair stand up at the back of their necks before they realize it's all in fun!

  • Includes: 31" ninja sword with case, three (3) ninja throwing stars, 12" nunchucks, and two sai knives.
  • Please note that the nunchucks are now solid black.

The super secret life of a Ninja is fascinating. This weapon kit allows you to be a part of this world, even if only in make-believe. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, comic conventions and more, this set of ninja weapons is your first step toward becoming a true ninja warrior. Grab your weapon kit and release your inner ninja!

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