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Pirate Sword

Pirate Sword


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They say there's a curse on these black seas

In the evenings, as darkness falls over the ocean and the blue fog rolls in so thick you can't see ten feet in front of the bow, how will you protect yourself and your crew? With your trusty Pirate Sword, of course! They say these seas are infested with pirates - dirty, stinking no-good thieves, barely a soul among them. Some have been roaming these seas so long they aren't even living anymore, but still they roam. And every one of them is armed to the teeth. Shouldn't you be, too? This authentic looking pirate cutlass is an essential accessory for any seafarer, or any landlubber dressing up as one for a costume party or Halloween.

  • Includes: One sword.
  • Sword measures 28 inches in length.

A word of warning to you: Some say to take an old pirate's weapon is to become a pirate. Just watch yourself for any developing eye patches, peg legs, treasure hunting urges, or parrots perching on your shoulder. And keep a clear eye out, lest the dread pirate himself comes looking for his revenge, and pulls you into the briny deep, all the way down to the depths of Davy Jones' locker. Recommended for Ages 8 and Up.

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