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Aragorn Sword Adult - Lord of the Rings

Aragorn Sword Adult - Lord of the Rings


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"If by my life or death I can protect you, I will."

"You have my sword," continued the ever-valiant Aragorn as he pledged his allegiance to the council's will: protecting Frodo on his epic journey to the eternal flames of malicious Mordor. Now you can become the loyal and courageous Strider with the Aragorn Sword Adult - Lord of the Rings costume accessory. Make the great writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, proud as you battle all manners of evil! What's a great warrior without his weapon? Everyone knows that Aragorn's skills on the battlefield revolve heavily on his sword craft. This safe and comfortable plastic sword is an official replica of the original sword featured in "Lord of the Rings." Therefore, it's a must-have prop for your Aragorn ensemble. It is approximately 45 inches in length and has excellent craftsmanship with great attention to fine details.

  • Includes: One Sword.
  • This is an officially licensed Lord of the Rings item.
  • Recommended for ages 14+.

As both the Ranger of the North as well as the confidant and friend to Gandalf, you will need the power of the sword Anduril, also known as the "flame of the West," to fight off orcs and other powerful enemies. The right equipment is essential for you since it's a full-time job protecting the hobbits on their quest to destroy the one ring and defeat the Dark Lord Sauron. This sword is ideal for Halloween, any types of costume parties, cosplay conventions and "larping," or live-action role playing games.

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  • Aragorn Sword Adult - Lord of the Rings

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