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Egyptian Belt

Egyptian Belt


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So let it be written, so let it be done!

Whether you want to portray Rameses II, Moses's tyrannical nemesis as played by Yul Brynner in The Ten Commandments, or the most famous of ancient Egypt's pharaohs, King Tut, take your costume to the next level with this shimmering Egyptian Belt! Ancient Egyptian art is filled with portraits of the pharaohs in their dramatic dress, and a belt like this one is often a key element of the clothing worn by the kings of Egypt. The belt features shiny alternating panels of glimmering gold and jewel blue on a black background and edged in gold trim, with a long center sash highlighted at the end in brilliant gold. The belt is 41" long. Call for your chariot, pharaoh, the splendors of Egypt (not to mention raven-haired kohl-eyed beauties hoping to catch your royal eye and favor) await your magnificent arrival!

  • Includes: One belt.
  • Does Not Include: Headdress, cuffs or collar.

While you suit up as Rameses, have a friend dress up as Moses and hit the Halloween party circuit together as two of the most intense Old Testament rivals ever. You will both be parting the Red Sea of ladies wanting to lead you to a land of milk and honey!

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