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Shepherd's Crook (Brown)

Shepherd's Crook (Brown)


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The best accessory for shepherds and Little Bo Peeps!

The possibilities for the Shepherd's Crook (Brown) are endless. Whether you are planning to masquerade as a shepherd, religious figure or fairy tale character, the Shepherd's Crook might very well be the most versatile costume piece you've ever owned. Even well-known sci-fi and film characters have been known to carry such crooks! The iconic Shepherd's Crook has been used for thousands of years as a multi-purpose tool helping herders maintain their balance, examine dangerous terrain and wrangle lost or wayward cattle; however, the crook has come to be known for much more than that. They have long been depicted as having significant religious and mythological meaning, thanks to their symbolic purpose in being used to lift and retrieve animals that have fallen or lost their balance.

  • Includes: A brown plastic crook cane.

This authentic-looking cane is sent in four pieces that are easy to put together. When fully assembled, the crook stands approximately 68 inches tall. Whether you will be pretending to be a shepherd in a religious pageant or adding the final touch to a darling Little Bo Peep costume, this Shepherd's Crook will give your costume the extra edge it needs!

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