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Pirate Pistol

Pirate Pistol


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Arrrr ye a sharp shooter?

All swashbuckling buccaneers and dainty lasses need to protect themselves from the salt-weathered, wind-whipped foes waiting to board their ships and loot their precious and valuable treasures. It is unwise to set out upon the high seas without reliable protection of the potentially lethal variety. This Pirate Pistol is a must-have accompaniment on the high seas or the party scene. One never knows when the enemy shall revolt, riot, and require one to defend one's self by taking up arms.

  • Includes: One molded pirate style pistol with a silver-tone trigger and orange tip.
  • This pirate pistol is 10 inches long and does not shoot any toy bullets. It is for decorative and costume purposes.

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. It is all fun, games, and good times until the pirate antagonist steps onto the scene and is determined to ruin the fun. Have you had enough? Are you ready to put the kabbash on this miscreant fun spoiler? Sometimes it is right and just to bear arms. You will be glad that you have this pistol locked, loaded, and ready to pick off the n'er do wells who are intent on spoiling your good time. It's a pirate's life, after all, and pirates never back down from a challenge! Show them who is boss and encourage them to move on down the road or down the shore.

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