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Jumbo Monk Rosary Beads

Jumbo Monk Rosary Beads


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A perfectly prayerful look

Where would Friar Tuck be without his trusty rosary beads? If you can't picture him without them, there's a reason. Rosaries and brown robes are a very common sight among monks. They typically use these sets of beads as part of their daily prayer routines. If you're planning on dressing up as a monk for Halloween or for a costume party this year, don't forget to complete the look with these Jumbo Monk Rosary Beads. These wooden beads, which wouldn't be complete with a cross, are the perfect accessory to go with a set of traditional brown monk robes. All you need to really finish off the look is a sturdy pair of sandals to walk around in. If you're really, really dedicated to getting an authentic monk look, you could also go for a partially shaved head (or a piebald headpiece.)

  • Includes: One plastic cross on a wooden beaded necklace.

The Jumbo Monk Rosary Beads aren't just for monk outfits. You can also use them for a nun costume. Just get yourself a nun habit and wear or carry these beads around with you while you're enjoying the festivities at a Halloween or costumed event.

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