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Star Wars Deluxe Adult Jedi Robe Costume

Star Wars Deluxe Adult Jedi Robe Costume


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May the Force be with you

There's a lot an aspiring Jedi has to go through before they're considered bona fide Jedis - noble conquests, the approval of their peers, and mountains and mountains of paperwork, to name just a few. The truly worthy, however, can jump straight to the front of the Jedi queue by wearing the Star Wars Deluxe Adult Jedi Robe Costume, which is guaranteed to impress your friends and enemies and have them cowering out of respect for your wisdom and might. Whether it's at a Halloween party or sci-fi convention, you'll be there to keep the peace and make sure that none of your fellow revelers turn to the Dark Side.

  • Includes: One hooded Jedi robe to complete your Star Wars ensemble.
  • Does Not Include: Shoes, pants, belt, shirt or lightsaber.

The Jedi robe is the perfect way to show others that you have the Force and you're not afraid to use it. And once it's paired with the other Jedi trimmings, you'll look like you've arrived straight from nobly defending the republic in an intergalactic battle. Just make sure you don't accidentally bump into Darth Vader - a laser lightsaber battle might look awesome on the screen, but ask anyone and they'll tell you it can ruin a party pretty quickly.

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