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Hercules Adult Costume

Hercules Adult Costume


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No mere mortal can defeat the mighty Hercules!

The strongest of all the heroes of Greek mythology, Hercules was known throughout the ancient world not only for his muscles, but also for his determination and fierce defense of those who sought his protection. Stand tall as the great warrior in this Hercules Adult Costume as you prepare to battle all manner of great beasts. Be prepared to take on the seemingly insurmountable Twelve Labors of Hercules after you don this realistic costume. Flex your muscles or portray his legendary strength of character that has endeared him to so many for centuries. Even when his equally legendary anger caused harm, he was quick to make amends and care for those less fortunate. One of the world's greatest personas is yours when you get into this outfit. All hail the mighty Hercules!

  • Includes: Headband, vinyl body armor with attached cape, tunic, armbands, wrist cuffs and leg guards.
  • Does Not Include: Wig, sword or sandals.

Create your own legends at your Halloween party or other function. There's no doubt who carries the air of strength and purpose when you are channeling your inner Hercules. The ancient world knew no one who could challenge his strength, and your party will have no one who can challenge your excellent costume choice!

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