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Regal King Crown

Regal King Crown


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All rise to welcome the King!

Whether you want to portray a magnificent medieval king from European history or an evil tyrant from Game of Thrones like King Joffrey Baratheon, your royal arrival will be heralded by everyone only after you don this Regal King Crown. The golden and scalloped crown, studded and resplendent with faux gems in various jewel-tone colors, features scroll-work and detailing similar to crowns worn by monarchs in medieval and renaissance ages. What fair lady will you make privy to all your sovereign secrets? Stand at the ready for her to sigh "My lord" at the sight of you in your sublime and august crown. Be sure to add the King Robe Adult Costume to your purchase to complete your regal look as this only comes with the crown. Add a King's Scepter and Oval Ruby Ring in order to complete your kingly accessories kit. But let's not t let the gentlemen have all the fun, this Regal King Crown could just as easily be worn by a woman in order to become a beautiful and majestic queen! This Regal King Crown is the perfect touch for the guest of honor at either a birthday or bachelor party, or any occasion where you want everyone to know who is being honored at the feast! Send in the wine!

  • Includes: Crown with 22" cir.

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