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Batman Utility Belt

Batman Utility Belt


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Now you're ready to fight crime!

The Batman Utility Belt accessory gives any Halloween Batman costume the authentic look it needs. And it provides an important function. When you play Batman, you need a place to store your batarangs, grapple gun, smoke pellets, lasers, and other tools and weapons. This utility belt can do just that. So, now that you're ready to go, call your crime-fighting partner, Robin. It's time to bring justice to Gotham City -- once and for all. There's a lot of work to do. The Joker's on a homicidal rampage. The Penguin is scheming at his nightclub. The Riddler is playing dangerous games again. And Poison Ivy is making toxic potions. The task may seem overwhelming, but with your genius-level intellect, computer hacking capabilities, martial arts skills, crime solving knowledge, physical prowess and more, these villains are going to be no match. Hop in the Batmobile and be the hero the people need and deserve!

  • Includes: A Batman utility belt with lots of yellow pockets.
  • This is an officially licensed Batman product.

Even Batman would put this handy Batman Utility Belt to good use. All you need are some weapons, a Batman costume, and the Batmobile, and you'll easily be able to transform into the world's most famous superhero.

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