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King's Scepter

King's Scepter


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Long live the king!

It's not the size of the kingdom that counts, it's how you rule it. For royal flash, add some bling to your regal regalia with this Kings Scepter. Even the mightiest monarch's grand gestures become more majestic when wielding a jeweled wand. Whether you're wearing a ratty old bathrobe or a luxurious kingly robe, your loyal subjects will bow to your fabulous fashion finesse. Every impassioned proclamation and powerful pronouncement will seem more important while you're waving this shiny ceremonial staff. Forget the formalities -- push those jokers aside and crown yourself king of the party! Lead a processional conga to the dessert table and then reign over the dance floor. The king has decreed that tonight everyone will revel in merriment like it's 1599!

  • Includes: Silver staff topped with gold jeweled orb.

You don't have to compete in a game of thrones to claim your right to royalty. From birthday to retirement, add a ceremonial touch to any occasion by bestowing the guest of honor the Kings Scepter. Present this noble novelty gift for Father's Day, Bosses' Day or a wedding day. Keep for yourself or give it to the king -- or queen -- in your life.

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