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Bull Whip, 6'

Bull Whip, 6'


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Take a crack at a great costume!

A costume just isn't perfect without the right accessories, and for those with adventure-themed characters on the brain, this Bull Whip, 6' is just what they need to finish off their outfit. Whips served a variety of uses throughout history, but those at your Halloween party are much more likely to recognize it as an Indiana Jones accessory than a tool to herd cattle. Anyone costumed character can win a fight with a sword or firearm, but it takes a real hero to take on evil with only a bull whip at their side. And now, you can be the full embodiment of that hero!

  • Includes: One 6' faux leather braided bull whip. Ages 14+. Recommended to not use in Pla by Children under 14 years of Age.

Although a rugged hat and explorer clothes would go well with helping this bull whip pull off the perfect Indiana Jones, there's also a plethora of other characters you could represent at your next costume party. One of the most recognized Batman characters, Catwoman, always carted her trusty whip around. Glue a few pieces of plastic to it, and you've got the perfect accessory for an Ivy from Soul Calibur costume. Heck, you can take it real old school and dress up as Pitfall Harry from the classic Atari game. The possibilities are endless!

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