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Handcuffs with Keys

Handcuffs with Keys


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Lock 'em up!

Bad guys, beware! With a sworn duty to protect and serve, no police officer or security guard costume is complete without this great Handcuffs with Keys accessory. Whether you dress as a police sergeant or prison guard, these authentic looking, silver-colored handcuffs will keep the peace and add some fun to any party. Wear them on your belt for added effect, or put them to use by cuffing the bad guys and the party poopers. They are also perfect for handcuffing people when they are taken to jail to await bail donations from charity supporters. Bring a touch of law and order to any Halloween party with this accessory, and make sure all criminals, hooligans and ruffians stay in line. Use them for the stage play when the sheriff needs to constrain the cattle rustlers and bank robbers. You can be a real trooper who lays down the law when fellow party goers insist on making too much of a ruckus. There is an unlimited amount of imagination and fun that can accompany this set of handcuffs and keys.

  • Includes: A pair of real working handcuffs and a set of keys.
  • Does Not Include: Costume or Accessories.

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