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Prisoner's Ball & Chain

Prisoner's Ball & Chain


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What we got here... is failure to communicate

Feeling a little like Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke?" Working on a chain gang, trying to get out any which way you can? Somehow the boss's warnings just aren't getting through to you. There goes that failure to communicate thing again. Well, life is hard on a prison farm, especially when you're dragging around a ball and chain to keep you bound in your misery. Working on a chain gang won't be quite as hard as it was for poor Luke, however, when you fasten on this lightweight Prisoner's Ball & Chain. When you head out to your next Halloween or costume party, be sure to drag your leg as if you're dragging the weight of the world. Just try to channel Newman, and you'll be the star of the event. This ball and chain is also a fun gag gift for a groom-to-be at a bachelor party when he experiences his last night of freedom before being tied down to his own personal ball and chain. It's all in good fun. Just make sure the old ball and chain doesn't hear about it!

  • Includes One lightweight plastic, 4.5" ball and chain

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