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Police Badge (Silver)

Police Badge (Silver)


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Stop in the name of the law!

How are you going to convince all the bad guys out this Halloween that you're actually a police officer? By getting and wearing the Police Badge (Silver). The perfect accessory to any police costume, this badge will give you the confidence you need to tell a criminal, "Freeze! You're under arrest!" Whether you plan to play Carl Winslow from Family Matters, Detective David Starsky from Starsky and Hutch, or one of the guys from Let's Be Cops, this shiny badge will ensure that crooks take you seriously. Another perk of having this badge comes when trick or treating or at a costume bash. You can demand someone to give you more candy and you can make the rules at any party. Others have to listen to you. It's the law!

  • Includes: One silvertone deluxe plastic police badge pin.
  • Does Not Include: Police uniform.

This badge easily pins onto any police shirt. The words "Special Police" are engraved on the badge, and in the middle is a classic police emblem. When combined with a uniform, boots, gun and hat, the look is certain to seem so realistic that those engaging in unapproved behavior will run away! Go find those gangsters and lock them up.

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