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Heroes in History - Ben Franklin Accessory Kit

Heroes in History - Ben Franklin Accessory Kit


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Scientist, statesman, founding father and a crazy kite flyer!

If your little guy is looking for a hero from history to portray for Halloween, The 4th of July, or for a school play, it's hard to do better than the amazing Benjamin Franklin. And with our Heroes in History - Ben Franklin Accessory Kit, your child can quickly transform into the genius that gave us bifocals, the lightning rod and hundreds of (admittedly boring) sayings about thriftiness and hard work. But never-mind the sayings; this guy helped lead a revolution against the greatest empire on Earth! As one of the founding fathers, he was standing beside Jefferson and Adams as they defied the mighty throne of Britain and that terrible King George. And don't forget the kite flight! It's only thanks to Franklin's reckless disregard for personal safety that we know about the nature of electricity. In fact, a prop kite would make a great addition to this costume.

  • Includes: Headpiece with hair (bald headpiece with hair around the sides) and eyeglasses.

  • Does Not Include: Wig cap.

Keep in mind that a wig cap (sold separately) will come in handy for taming your child's natural tresses and giving the costume a realistic look.

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