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Squeeker Horn

Squeeker Horn


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Everybody loves a clown and every clown needs a horn!

Every clown needs a horn, just like they need an audience. Simply clowning around in regular clothes or your costume demands a horn too, doesn't it? Clowns come in all varieties, from the circus clowns with the bright red noses to Harpo Marx with his trench coat. But they all had horns! And these Squeeker horns come in many bright colors.

Adults and children alike will enjoy our Squeeker horn accessory, which tucks in a belt to complete the costume. Reach up to grab the bulb and squeeze out a squeak wherever you are--or hide the horn in your pocket for use at an opportune time. Are things getting too serious around the dinner table? Do the children need a blast of energy on a boring afternoon? You can't go wrong with a squeeker horn! Just be prepared to laugh and horse around once it starts making noise.

Adults, do you ever have to resort to drastic measures to get someone out of bed in the morning? Give the squeeker horn a try--just have a good hiding place for the horn to avoid being the victim of retaliatory honks!

  • Includes: One plastic Squeeker Horn.

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