Team Up and Dress Up with these Skylanders Costumes!

With the release of Skylanders: SuperChargers in September 2015, Skylanders isn’t going away anytime soon, and some of the newest characters have arrived at Costume Express. If Skylanders is a huge deal in your household, then your child will love dressing up like his or her favorite character in the game for Halloween.

Here are three of our favorite Skylanders characters, with a few costume tips for each.




Hailing from Mount Scorch, Wallop is one of the smartest Trap Masters in the world of Skylanders.  He’s always inventing new gear and coming up with new ways to trap criminals and evil creatures. He’s also one of the strongest, with his set of twin Traptanium hammers.

This Wallop costume consists of a jumpsuit printed with a rocky pattern to look like Wallop’s orange skin and armor. The Wallop mask has his horned helmet attached on top.

The costume also comes with one of Wallop’s hammers. It’s inflatable, so even though it looks like the real thing, it’s soft and perfectly safe for even the littlest Skylanders fans to play with. (Remember how awesome Sock’em Boppers were? It’s like that, but with Skylanders.) As Wallop himself would say, “Hammer it home!”


Snap Shot


Time to croc and roll! Snap Shot is one of the best at rounding up bad guys with his signature sword and Traptanium arrows. He’s a crocagator from the Water Elemental Swamplands, and one of the bravest Trap Masters around.

Our Snap Shot costume features an amazing molded rubber mask that replicates some of the smallest details from the game. Snap Shot’s bumpy, scaly skin has been recreated, along with his big yellow eyes, pointy teeth, and horns. A one-piece jumpsuit gives your child the rest of his scales and armor in, well, a snap.

Also included with this costume is Snap Shot’s ice sword. Not only is it printed with crystal patterns, so it looks just like the real thing, but it’s also inflatable, just like Wallop’s giant hammer.




Kaos has been the biggest Skylanders bad guy ever since the original game. In Trap Team, though, players get to take on the role of the Trap Master and capture different evil-doers. If Kaos is captured, he can be turned to the good side!

Since the all-powerful Kaos can be one of the most fun characters to play in the game, we think he’s one of the most fun characters to dress up as, too. Our Kaos costume consists of a long, black robe and a sculpted mask that looks just like Kaos in the game. We also recommend pairing it with an evil voice changer, so your son or daughter can make their voice sound extra scary, and some black boots to finish the look.


More Skylanders Costumes


Of course, since the Skylanders series has been around for a few years and has accumulated hundreds of unique characters, there’s an endless supply of Skylanders costume ideas out there. Originals like Spyro the Dragon and Trigger Happy, as well as later team members, like Wash Buckler and Jet Vac are only scratching the surface, in addition to the characters we listed above.

To get inspired with even more Skylanders costume ideas, click here to read our post about using Skylanders dress-up to make birthday parties more special. Crusher, Night Shift, and more cool characters take the center stage.



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Author: Walter Bloch

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