Jurassic World and Dinosaur Costume Ideas

We’re going back to Jurassic Park! The new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World, will be out in June and is a direct follow-up to the movies from the ‘90s.

In the movie, the dinosaur theme park that was first envisioned in the original film has finally been built, completed with dinosaurs recreated from ancient DNA. Chris Pratt, whom you might remember as hero Star-Lord in last year’s Marvel adventure Guardians of the Galaxy, stars in Jurassic World as Owen Grady, a Velociraptor trainer at the park. When the park’s scientists try to create a brand new “super dinosaur” to attract more visitors, well… you can probably imagine what the main plot line of Jurassic World is going to be.

Between Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII, this is a great year for kids to get into the movies that we grew up with – and, just like The Force Awakens, Jurassic World comes with some great costume ideas. Here are a few ideas for Jurassic World and dinosaur costumes that will be great for Halloween.



Jurassic World Costumes


Each of these dinosaur masks are totally realistic, and every bit as terrifying as they are in the movie. With their molded and sculpted three-fourths design, they carry a huge amount detail while still providing plenty of visibility and remaining easy to put on and take off. The adult T-rex mask even goes an extra step with a fully enclosed overhead design. To transform more than just the face, we also have an inflatable T-rex costume that totally turns the wearer into a dinosaur (yes, it comes in parent sizes, too). Kids can even dress up like Owen, Chris Pratt’s character, and wrangle their pet stegosaurus.


More Dinosaur Costumes for Kids


Of course, Jurassic Park isn’t the only place that dinosaurs are found. If your child wants to dress-up like a dinosaur, there are tons of options. Buddy and Tiny from the Dinosaur Train TV show are here, and so is Paige the Dragon. This fearsome mounted T-Rex rider is a clever and cute costume idea for smaller kids, as is this plushy baby dragon.


Using Dinosaur Dress-up for Birthday Parties

Our friends at Birthday Express have a ton of different birthday party themes featuring dinosaur party supplies that all benefit from the addition of costumes. Here’s a quick rundown of each one (with shopping links, of course), but you should definitely check out the Birthday Express blog to learn more about their collection of easy birthday party ideas, too.

Jurassic World Party Supplies

Jurassic World Party Supplies

After they see Jurassic World, you know that they’re going to want to a Jurassic World party. All of these party supplies feature cool, realistic dinosaurs and designs taken right from the movie. Check out this blog post for the ultimate Jurassic World birthday party styling guide!


Little Dino Party Supplies


Adorable! This one is definitely the way to go for toddlers. There’s even a version of this theme with special 1st birthday party supplies included, just for little ones that are turning one.  The cute and colorful cartoon dinosaurs that cover these party supplies are only matched by these toddler dinosaur costumes – have you ever seen a cuddlier tyrannosaurus rex or triceratops?


Dinosaur Train Party Supplies


This birthday party theme is based on the children’s animated TV show of the same name. Buddy the Tyrannosaurus and his Pteranodon family travel all around the world in the Dinosaur Train, meeting all sorts of new friends and types of dinosaurs. Magical train tunnels even take the characters through time, to the Mesozoic, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras. These party supplies are perfect for any young fans of the show, and so are these Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train costumes.


Dinosaurs Party Supplies


More realistic illustrations really show off the roar of these dinosaurs! Older kids will definitely love this one. Use fun dress up accessories like plastic binoculars and pith helmets to turn the afternoon into an amazing safari, and the party look can be further enhanced with Jurassic World costumes or huge dinosaur decorations like this cardboard T-rex.


Power Rangers Dino Charge Party Supplies


Power Rangers has been around for a long time, and the newest season, Dino Charge, is all about dinosaurs! We’re actually a little jealous that this wasn’t around when we were kids, too. Birthday Express has plenty of Power Rangers party supplies that any Power Rangers Dino Charge fans will love, including these cool Power Rangers masks, and more Power Rangers costumes can be found on Costume Express.


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Author: Walter Bloch

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